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Rise of the Internet Crazies

Social media has magnified, concentrated, and refined the fine art of being a complete gibbering loon. Now that politicians have realized its full potential for demagoguery, political discourse is destined to become ever-more unhinged.

Interprovincial and International Trade Comparison

Canada is a vast country with most of its population stretched in a long, discontinuous belt parallel to the southern border. Perhaps not surprisingly, international trade is a bigger money-maker than domestic trade. Here is some data to illustrate.

Libertarianism and the Tragedy of the Commons

Libertarianism is an inspiring philosophy. Used practically, it can be a great self-help system. But the theory has significant, even fatal limitations. It often fails to explain when rational self-interest goes wrong, or other group dynamics. And curiously, libertarian circles seem prone to conspiracy theories. Why? Let’s think it out.

Interesting Comparison

Ah, the age-old balance of Jocks versus Nerds. Despite the cultural omnipresence of spectator sports, book publishers are still holding on to a respectable if oh-so-slowly shrinking market.

Broken Clocks are Indeed Right Twice a Day!

The National Post got something right today! Despite its slow decline into click-bait trolling and outrage journalism, the Post has hit on an excellent point today. The governing illiberal Liberal Party seems to think that it is not the Government of Canada, but is rather the Government of the United States.

Transportation Infrastructure Surprise

Canadians love to complain about apparently bad and crumbling roads. But do these anecdotes reflect reality? As it turns out, common knowledge really isn’t that common, or that knowledgeable.

Individual Agency versus Common Weal

Humans aren’t like tigers, but neither are we ants. We are largely individual, but also highly social. Both are essential parts of our nature, and to unduly deny or repress either is self-destructive. It follows that neither excessive libertarianism nor excessive conformism are in accord with human nature.


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